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Documents are a crucial part of business, especially proposals to close business. But most organizations don’t know how to implement new technologies to automate their antiquated workflows.

Download our new eBook, “Proposal Automation – Learn How to Automate Your Proposals with PandaDoc” to learn how to clear the paperwork clutter and improve your document process.

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Grow Your Sales by 30% in Half the Time

In our new ebook,”Proposal Automation – Learn How to Automate Your Proposals with PandaDoc”, we reveal how to automate your work with proposals to increase productivity and close more deals faster.

What’s Included In The eBook:

  • Creating Proposals
    The most complicated part of the proposal process is creation. We’ll show you ways to standardize the process to cut down time.
  • Sending Proposals
    Sending proposals often requires approval processes. We’re giving you a new way to minimize delays and eliminate costly errors.
  • Closing Proposals
    Ever send a proposal and never get a call back? We’ll help you follow-up with your prospect to get the deal closed in record time.
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